What is the 10000 Lux Light Box?

What is the 10,000 Lux Light Box and what is it used for?  This light lamp is used for light therapy for those suffering from Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD).  It is a lamp that simulates the sun rising and provides a specific type of light to help the pineal gland to activate, in turn, helping the body to produce melatonin and serotonin.

These 2 are essential for normal sleeping patterns – something disturbed in people with SAD.  By artificially stimulating the forehead using the lamp, these 2 hormones are produced in a natural manner, easing the syptoms of SAD.

I have heard that blue light therapy is great for getting rid of or reducing acne but it is expensive and I was wondering if anyone has tried it? Do results depend on how bad the acne is or can positive results be seen by anyone? Would love feedback on specifically dermastyle light therapy before I try it.

If you suffer depression, or know someone in your family that does, then you know the roller coaster ride it can be.  You hate seeing your loved ones suffer and if you are the one with the disorder, then you know how alone and dark you can feel at times.  Everyone wants a solution.  For some, that is medication but more and more people are now looking for a holistic treatment for depression.

This can range from changing diet, adding exercise or magnetic therapy to retraining the brain with different responses to stimuli.  For some, medications add to the illness, giving side effects that just complicate life.  Going the natural way means that you have a chance at making life better or even finding a cure without foreign substances going into your body.

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Am I Showing Signs of Depression?

Some people who are feeling down or feeling anxiety are often misdiagnosed with depression.  And the same goes in the reverse.  Some people who have depression are misdiagnosed with anxiety or stress related symptoms.  So how do you know if you are showing signs of depression?

Although we all get sad from time to time, depression is much more than sadness.  It is a state or condition that is being provoked by some situation and events in life.  You will have lost interest in everything – even things that you may have been passionate about months earlier.  You will become withdrawn, preferring to remain in your room alone than to be with people; even those you love.

There are many signs of depression and it is important that if you think they describe you that you get medical help. It is important to seek medical help to obtain a correct diagnosis.  Then you can make the decision whether you want to take medication or pursue a natural course.

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Does Golite Light Therapy Work?

Golite light therapy is one of the many types of light therapy used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder or depression.  Golite light lamps or light boxes are available for home use, making it more cost and time effective for people to get help.  These lamps are put on and you sit under them, allowing the light to penetrate your forehead.

Behind the forehead, we have a small gland called the pineal gland that stimulates the production of melatonin and serotonin when sunlight hits it.  In darker, longer winter climates where sunlight is scarce, for some people prolonged absence of stimulation of this gland can cause depression and moodiness.

Use of the golite lamps means that sunlight can be replicated through artificial light, alleviating the symptoms.

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SAD Light Therapy and Depression

SAD Light Therapy is a form of light therapy for those suffering a particular type of depression – Seasonal Affective Disorder (more commonly known as SAD).  For people who live in countries where their winter climate is long and dull, or where they have long nights and short days, people can suffer from depression whereas they may find they don’t during summer, more brighter months.

This “seasonal” condition is due to the fact that there is limited or no sunlight.  Our bodies need sunlight to function properly.  Apart from getting the right nutrients from it, it also stimulates the production of melatonin and seratonin in the brain through stimulation of the pineal gland.

If you live in a dull climate or find you are continually depressed during the long winter months, you may want to read more about SAD light therapy here.

Will Blue Light Therapy Help My Acne?

Blue light therapy is used for many different types of skin conditions including acne and stretch marks.  The body is believed to be complex and  full of different energies that have to be in correct proportions. Imbalance in the energy levels means imbalance in the person’s health.

While it has been used to treat Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), this therapy also helps those suffering from acne.  The blue light helps reduce future breakouts and is pain free and calming to the skin.

The blue light is converted into chemicals as it entered the body and this conversion makes us feel energetic, optimistic, and motivated.  It also helps to kill bacteria in the skin pores, helping acne sufferers to reduce the redness of the skin and to prevent future occurances.

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A New Treatment For Depression

If you suffer from depression or anxiety, you will be relieved to hear about a new treatment for depression.  Until now, there have been many medications available (and there still are) but some people worry about the side effects of those drugs and prefer a more natural approach.

While there are suggestions that meditation can assist those struggling with this condition, it takes a change of mind set and a set of strategies to put into place to change the way the body responds to stimuli.  Of course, you would need to see your doctor to see just what sort of depression you have.  If you clinical depression, then you will most likely need the medications at first to be able to cope with the illness.

If a natural approach is more your style, then there are several good books available to help guide you through the process of reconditioning your responses.

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What is the Apollo Golite P1?

What is the Apollo Golite P1?  It sounds almost like another language but if you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder or depression, it might be a language you want to know about.

In some countries when winter months come, the lack of sunlight means a different in health.  Some people are more grumpy in the winter, but some suffer from terrible depression.  They have discovered that this condition is due to the pineal gland not being stimulated which happens naturally when we are in the sunlight.

Behind the forehead, lives the pineal gland.  It is not very big, but its function is imperative to our sleep patterns and our moods.  When sunlight hits the pineal gland, it stimulates the production of seratonin and melatonin – two things essential for good sleep patterns and mood.  When there is no sun for long periods of time, the body can stop producing these two which can have a huge impact on our health.

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Can I Do Infrared Light Therapy At Home?

Infrared light therapy is one of the many types of light therapy that help treat a range of medical conditions such as acne, depression, pain and seasonal affective disorder.  The red light has been found successful in treating these conditions.

Infrared light is a type of electronic radiation that has a wavelength that is longer than visible lights.  Thermal light therapy is the safest, not painful and easiest alternative health treatment anyone can get if done right and produces amazing results.

Home units can be purchased (with replaceable bulbs so you can use this unit forever) and used as you need within the home environment.  The cost is not excessive and the time saved (and expensive) is considerable.

Fabulous for improving your health, this is a safe, cost effective method to help a range of medical complaints.

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Are Full Spectrum Light Boxes Available?

If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (more commonly known as SAD) then you will be thrilled to hear that you no longer have to go to a clinic for light box therapy.  Now, you can buy full spectrum light boxes for home use.  The costs is the cost of anywhere from 2 – 3 clinic visits so it doesn’t take long for this to pay for itself.

These are not toys.  These are not small, hand held devices that are weak.  These full spectrum boxes are made for clinic type effect within the home.  If you need help with moods and are suffering from SAD, then this type of therapy is gentle, painless and has positive clinical results to back up claims made by the manufacturers.

There are several types and styles (and prices) to suit most budgets so start getting well now by purchasing one of these great light boxes.

Do I Need Bluewave Light Therapy?

If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder, then you need  Bluewave light therapy.  Seasonal Affective Disorder (or SAD as it is commonly known) affects people in climates where they do not see the sun much.  It affects people more in winter months where the days are shorter and there is snow/rain/clouds, so the sun is not out.

This type of seasonal depression can be greatly helped with the use of bluewave light lamps.  The use of these home devices substitutes for the natural sun in stimulating the pineal gland, which is housed behind the forehead, and regulates the production of seratonin and melatonin and sleep.  Our body’s natural circadian rhythm relies on the stimulation of this gland to regulate normal functions and when sunlight is deprived, some people suffer depression terribly.  This can be helped with a aid of this amazing device.

What Is Apollo Bluewave Therapy?

Apollo Bluewave therapy is another form of therapies using light to heal and improve all sorts of conditions from skin to depression.  Using a lamp utilizing blue light, this form of therapy can be used in the home environment with a home light box.  It is important to follow manufacturer’s guidelines but relief can be as simple as a few minutes each day in front of the lamp.

Apollo has been creating the world’s premier light boxes for two decades.  Bluewave therapy provides higher effective response than most full spectrum lights.  Bluewave LED technology is so effective that it has been used at NASA as the preferred method to regulate astronaut’s and shuttle crew sleep and wake schedules.

It is clinically proven that the blue light used in these lamps is successful in improving moods which makes it great for treating Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD).

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Is Anodyne Therapy Right For You?

Everyone suffers pain at one time or another, but if you have ever been the recipient of chronic, ongoing pain, you will know that it is exhausting!  Constant pain that just doesn’t go away, even with pain medication is a battle that many people face.  You may not even know if someone is in pain day in and day out but that has been my story for years.  Diagnosis after diagnosis, expensive and dangerous pain medications but still not the relief I was looking for.

That was until I found Anodyne Therapy.  As a bonus, it is totally natural.  I am not putting anything foreign into my body and the relief I experience when using it brings tears to my eyes.

I never thought that something as simple as these specialized heat pads could get me up and functional again.  Not just any heat pad, this therapy is able to be purchased and used at home.  While the initial outlay was not what I would call cheap, you certainly get what you pay for and the few hundred dollars I spent I would do many times over to finally get relief.

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Apollo Light Therapy

If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective disorder, then Apollo light therapy may be the answer for you.  Fabulous for those who suffer depression for the winter months, many have been having real success with Apollo light therapy.

When people live in darker, longer winter climates, the lack of light affects the pineal gland.  In summer, when we go outside, the sunshine hits our forehead (where the pineal gland is located just behind) and activates the pineal gland.  This stimulates the production of melatonin and seratonin which help normal sleep patterns and mood.

In winter, were we have the forehead covered with warm hats and we are not outside as much (and it may be overcast or snowing) then this gland does not get activated in the same way.  For some people, the results are dyer with them not sleeping, productions of melatonin and seratonin going down and then eventually ending up in depression.

Far Infrared Lamp with Two Heads

Far Infrared Lamp with Two HeadsDifferent from the conventional infrared lamp and microwave therapeutic device, the double-headed TDP Far Infrared Floor Lamp features a round plate coated with a proprietary mineral formation consisting of 33 essential elements. When activated by a built-in electric heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of electromagnetic waves ranging from 2 to 25(microns) in wavelength and 28 to 34 mw/sq.cm in intensity.

Technical Specification:

Spectrum Range Power Lifting Scope of Arm
2-25 um 110 V, 275 watts > 11″ (30 cm)

Elevation Degree Azimuth Degree Life of Mineral Plate
> 90 360 1000 – 1500 Hours

Shining Distance Adjustable Height Oversized Mineral Plate <8″ (20cm) 33″ – 66″ 5″ Dia.)

Price: $369.00

Click here to buy from Amazon

The Reasons for Using a SAD Light for Sleep Disorders

The reasons for using a SAD light for sleep disorders are diverse, however one of the main incentives is to reduce, or even eliminate, seasonal depression. An SAD disorder is also known as “Seasonal Affective Disorder” and can have not only an emotional impact on an individual but can lead to a physical ailment. In the winter months, daily sunlight is limited, so this little gadget can fix this problem, by adding some light during one’s sleep time. Some people work in offices or areas that do not employ windows. They get off of work only to find that darkness has set in; so in actuality they do not see much light for several months. These individuals seem to develop low energy, and fatigue problems. At first, these persons may not even realize the way that they are feeling; however after a while their problems worsen. Once they get a diagnosis from a doctor, stating that nothing is really wrong, except for the “winter blues” they may be forced to take matters into their own hands and research their symptoms. It quickly becomes apparent to them that they have SAD.  A SAD light can really help these individuals in regard to their sleep deprivation. Of course, we all know that the sun is a great source of light, always   working as an antidepressant. So, when you do not have the “real thing”, a substitute is the next best possible scenario; and this is just what the SAD light is- a great way to replace natural light! This SAD light machine is a portable gadget; however stationary machines can be installed in one’s home, but are more costly.

An SAD light machine helps an individual improve the following aspects of his/her life:

Assists in a  good night’s sleepEnhances one’s overall healthMaximizes one’s energy levelImproves a person’s mood and helps with mood changes

Many people who have the symptoms related to SAD will experience extreme moodiness, as well as a loss of interest in just about everything they attempt to encounter. These symptoms can affect their personal lives, as well as their professional ones. They can also lead to less productivity, which might lead to the loss of a job, a divorce, etc. Their moods can shift leading to even more negative problems. Yes, this small SAD light can very well be the salvation for those individuals who experience the illness of SAD. Other symptoms of this condition might include weight gain and excessive sleeping, both of which can eventually add to a more non productive lifestyle.

All in all, most people know that they should get approximately 15 minutes of natural sunlight per day to obtain the recommended amount of  vitamin D for a healthy body, however if this is not possible, then the SAD light should be considered. For an affordable price, the SAD light machine can help you gain control of your life again. With a “click of the mouse”, you can order and receive one of these lightweight machines. Before you know it, you will be using a SAD light for sleep disorders very soon!

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Bluewave Light Therapy

Could you be helped by Bluewave Light Therapy?

Light therapy, also known as phototherapy uses exposure to various types of lights to activate the pineal gland.  This gland is a small endocrine gland in the vertebrate brain.  It’s function is to produce melatonin derived from seratonin which ultimately regulates sleep patterns and seasonal functions.  When we expose ourselves to bright light (example the sunlight) this inhibits the production of melatonin and tells our body that it is time to wake up and for our day to start.

Without it our bodies don’t know the difference between day and night and some people may suffer from depression or seasonal affective disorder.

Philips Health GoLite M2 Blue Spectrum Light Therapy Device
Overall Rating:
Retail Price: Varies based on product options
Amazon Price: View Sale Price

Bluewave light therapy is a brilliant advancement in the light therapy world where specific bandwidths of light can be isolated to be used for a therapeutic response.  BLUEWAVE is a technology that allows the increase of effective bandwidths while reducing the overall intensity of light.  This results in patients being able to enjoy a more effective light treatment in the most comfortable way possible.

There are many types of lights that are used in light therapy and they can include (but are not limited to):

  • lasers
  • light-emitting diodes
  • fluorescent lamps
  • diachronic lamps
  • light box (very bright full spectrum light)

These light appliances can be used to treat a range of disorders.  For instance, using bluewave light therapy directed on the skin often helps in the treatment of acne vulgaris as well as neonatal jaundice.  If used to direct to the retina of the eye, it can assist the body’s circadian rhythm and seasonal affective disorder.

Apollo light therapy is highly regarded in treatment of the above and devices come in the way of handheld devices right through to clinic optimised machines.

Some people have heard of using light therapy for Seasonal Affective Disorder. But does it really work?

Does it help to elevate the moods?

For people who live in parts of the US and other parts of the world where the days are very cloudy and short, it is a common problem that they feel depressed and lethargic.  Sometimes it may just be called social anxiety but there is more to this condition.

Most dismiss it as just “one of those days” but when it happens year after year around the same time of the year is there any truth to the fact that SAD really exists?

Yes it does exist and yes light therapy does work. But it is something that needs to be used daily and for at least 20 mins per day. Also to use it in the morning is essential as the role of the light is to awaken the pineal gland.

For those suffering with SAD, home units are available. Click here for home light therapy units.

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