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Light therapy takes many shapes and colors such as red or blue or all spectrum light

What is the 10000 Lux Light Box?

What is the 10,000 Lux Light Box and what is it used for?  This light lamp is used for light therapy for those suffering from Seasonal Affective disorder (SAD).  It is a lamp that simulates the sun rising and provides … Continue reading

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Can Acne Be Helped With DermaStyle Light Therapy?

I have heard that blue light therapy is great for getting rid of or reducing acne but it is expensive and I was wondering if anyone has tried it? Do results depend on how bad the acne is or can … Continue reading

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Looking for regular “follow” links to your site?  This site is running Keyword Luv, Comment Luv and Top commenter and thus rewards people who leave relevant and quality comments with backlinks. PLEASE NOTE: If you leave a low quality link, … Continue reading

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