Can Acne Be Helped With DermaStyle Light Therapy?

I have heard that Dermastyle light therapy is great for getting rid of or reducing acne but does it really work?

Can Acne Be Helped With DermaStyle Light Therapy?  Yes it can.  Research has shown that dermastyle light therapy can have a positive effect on mild to moderate acne. Using eiher a red or blue light depending on the type of acne, positive results have been recorded.

What is Dermastyle Light Therapy?

Dermastyle light therapy are light therapies that deal primarily with skin conditions.  There has been some hype around using light therapy for acne and other skin conditions for awhile now.

The type of light (and color) depends on the stage of the acne.  For inflammatory acne (large red lumps) a blue light is used.  It kills bacteria P, the bacteria causing acne, reducing inflammation and helping the cells return to a more normal function.

Sometimes the light is pulsing and sometimes a continuous light, depending on what is needed.  A typical session in a clinic is twice a week for at least 5 weeks.

Handheld devices or masks can be purchased for home use and used for frequently.

The masks now come with the possibility to emitting different colors as they have found it beneficial. Red light therapy is also used for different stages of acne treatment.

While they might look more like something that you would see a villain wearing in a Batman movie than a form of treatment, they have proven to be effective and a time saver, being able to cover the whole face at the same time.

Looking for a home based light therapy system? Dermastyle acne light therapy could be just what you are looking for!

This light therapy system built for home was originally offered in a clinic setting. As with most clinic therapies, now there is a home version that has been licensed by the FDA for use on mild to moderate cases of acne.

For those that don’t have the money for expensive in-clinic treatments, Dermastyle Light offers relief in the home environment. Results have been positive with over 70% of those who have purchased and used this therapy at home reported visual improvements to their skin within the first week, many within the first 24 hours.

LightStim for Acne

Rather than relying on thermal energy to kill skin cells like laser treatments, Dermastyle uses CHROMA 2™ LED technology which combines both blue and red light to produce its affects.

It is becoming commonly known even by the medical profession, that blue light is effective in killing the bacteria that causes skin blemishes deep down in the skin. Red light is effective in calming and reducing inflammation and redness which may be caused by bacteria or other skin irritations. If lesions or pimples have already started to erupt through the skin, red light has also been proven effective in reducing the healing time.

Dermastyle allows you to set the equipment to either red or blue light or a combination depending on the needs of your skin.

If you feel a blemish is starting to gather, blue light is effective in helping to kill the bacteria before the blemish starts to show. If your skin is already showing signs of redness or a breakout starting to happen, the anti-inflammatory effect of the red light with help to reduce swelling and redness, leaving your skin soft and smooth. If using a combination, both wavelengths together help to soothe redness and swelling but also work as a preventative measure to stop future breakouts from happening.

While the Dermastyle pen is not as powerful as an in-clinic laser, it is more affordable, more convenient and boasts enough results to keep customers happy. If you have more sensitive skin, this may be an option for you as there appears to be none of the unpleasant side effects usually associated with more powerful laser therapy. You don’t have to book appointments, go anywhere. Small enough to carry in your pocket, you can have a treatment available at your fingertips wherever you go! Goodbye acne breakouts and hello soft, smooth skin!

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