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What is the Apollo Golite P1?

What is the Apollo Golite P1?  It sounds almost like another language but if you are suffering from seasonal affective disorder or depression, it might be a language you want to know about.

In some countries when winter months come, the lack of sunlight means a different in health.  Some people are more grumpy in the winter, but some suffer from terrible depression.  They have discovered that this condition is due to the pineal gland not being stimulated which happens naturally when we are in the sunlight.

Behind the forehead, lives the pineal gland.  It is not very big, but its function is imperative to our sleep patterns and our moods.  When sunlight hits the pineal gland, it stimulates the production of seratonin and melatonin – two things essential for good sleep patterns and mood.  When there is no sun for long periods of time, the body can stop producing these two which can have a huge impact on our health.

If you want to know more about the Apollo Golite P1 which is a light lamp that can help you in your home, read out Golite P1 article.

Are Full Spectrum Light Boxes Available?

If you are suffering from Seasonal Affective Disorder (more commonly known as SAD) then you will be thrilled to hear that you no longer have to go to a clinic for light box therapy.  Now, you can buy full spectrum light boxes for home use.  The costs is the cost of anywhere from 2 – 3 clinic visits so it doesn’t take long for this to pay for itself.

These are not toys.  These are not small, hand held devices that are weak.  These full spectrum boxes are made for clinic type effect within the home.  If you need help with moods and are suffering from SAD, then this type of therapy is gentle, painless and has positive clinical results to back up claims made by the manufacturers.

There are several types and styles (and prices) to suit most budgets so start getting well now by purchasing one of these great light boxes.

Far Infrared Lamp with Two Heads

Far Infrared Lamp with Two HeadsDifferent from the conventional infrared lamp and microwave therapeutic device, the double-headed TDP Far Infrared Floor Lamp features a round plate coated with a proprietary mineral formation consisting of 33 essential elements. When activated by a built-in electric heating element, this mineral plate emits a special band of electromagnetic waves ranging from 2 to 25(microns) in wavelength and 28 to 34 mw/ in intensity.

Technical Specification:

Spectrum Range Power Lifting Scope of Arm
2-25 um 110 V, 275 watts > 11″ (30 cm)

Elevation Degree Azimuth Degree Life of Mineral Plate
> 90 360 1000 – 1500 Hours

Shining Distance Adjustable Height Oversized Mineral Plate <8″ (20cm) 33″ – 66″ 5″ Dia.)

Price: $369.00

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