Infrared Lamp with Two Heads

Infrared light therapy has been used for decades for healing and skin conditions, but this 2 head lamp can be used for several purposes. Great for relieving muscle aches and pains and disinfecting and sterilizing, this lamp can also warm and light a room in winter with a subtle red glow. The rotary lamp heads are flexible and with 2 heads, allow you to manipulate them to just the right position (or positions) that you wish to treat. With adjustable temperature settings, it is easy to control and adjust to the desired temperature.


Zinc alloy connecting piece, high temperature resistant, stay firmly without falling down.

Adjustable temperature allow you to control the temperature as you want.

Rotary lamp head and flexible bracket allow you to aim at the part you need to treat.

The infrared lamp helps to relive muscle pain.

One of the best features of this lamp is that it has one button and is very simple to operate.

Uses for the Infrared Light Lamp:

BEAUTY CARE: Infrared spectrum light can penetrate deep into the layers of the skin. It can improve the quality of the skin tissue and improve blood circulation.

INFRARED THERMAL THERAPY: Pain relief is top of the list when this lamp is used to heat muscular areas. As well as muscular aches and pains, it is effective in relieving arthritis pain and lumbar rheumatism. Its permeability also makes it effective in promoting wound healing.

This infrared radiation transmittance can reach 95% and has heating efficiency without the harmful UV rays.

ENHANCE IMMUNE FUNCTION: Infrared spectrum lighting has the ability to enhance immunological protection of the body. It increases cell resistance and can kill bacteria making it a great choice for wound healing and skin disorders.

FLEXIBLE DESIGN: The light heads can be rotated 360 degrees and both left and right angles can be adjusted independent of each other. This means being able to reach the perfect angle for the area you want to treat.

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