Golite Light Therapy

How effective is Golite Light therapy?

Sunlight is one of the most important elements that boost our moods. Without the heat and light of the sun, our body changes its daily routine, thus altering its natural balance. The circadian rhythm, melatonin and serotonin are the main elements that cause our body to function normally whether it is day or night. But with the absence of sunlight, these elements act abnormally making people suffer from body disorders. One of the most common approaches to counteract this is light therapy.

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Light therapy is used to fight against several physical disorders including an unpleasant condition called Seasonal Affective Disorder or SAD. The reason for this is the weather, the less illumination of the sunlight during fall and winter time can be the cause of some physiological imbalances leading to all kinds of problems. Light therapy consists of a box with fluorescent bulbs which produced colour similar to outdoor daylight and a plastic diffusing screen. Finding the right and the best light boxes is important if you want to overcome the problem of SAD.

SAD light therapy involves the use of a light box which emits bright white light. It usually takes thirty minutes a day to perform this therapy. However, bright white light has a few side effects including irritability, headaches, straining of the eyes, and sometime inability to sleep and skin problems. Recently, the leading brands of light therapy companies created a new technology which is more effective, quicker and gives out blue light that lessens the side effects of white light.

Golite is the world’s best blue spectrum blue light therapy box. Researchers have discovered that a very specific range of blue light is the most effective color (wavelength) in treating SAD. This is because special light receptors in our eyes respond most efficiently to the blue part of the light spectrum. Also, this reduced intensity helps to minimize the potential effects of headache, glare and eyestrain. Blue light therapy has been successfully used for helping mood relief, especially for seasonal mood swings.

Golite is the latest evolution in light therapy. It uses advanced Bluewave light therapy technology. This innovation is perfect for those who need effective light therapy but have little time to sit in front of a conventional light box.  This device is used for providing enough light for the body. A special advantage of the Golite is that they are so small; enabling you to have your treatment anywhere you want. Golite provides the required spectrum light that our bodies respond to.

Treating the symptoms before it persist and affects the body more is the best approach. However, buying light therapy is not just picking any kind of lamp. Read reviews, researching the best and right lamp, familiarization with the illness and coordination of oneself is more important way to help curing Seasonal Affective Disorder.