Am I Showing Signs of Depression?

Some people who are feeling down or feeling anxiety are often misdiagnosed with depression.  And the same goes in the reverse.  Some people who have depression are misdiagnosed with anxiety or stress related symptoms.  So how do you know if you are showing signs of depression?

Although we all get sad from time to time, depression is much more than sadness.  It is a state or condition that is being provoked by some situation and events in life.  You will have lost interest in everything – even things that you may have been passionate about months earlier.  You will become withdrawn, preferring to remain in your room alone than to be with people; even those you love.

There are many signs of depression and it is important that if you think they describe you that you get medical help. It is important to seek medical help to obtain a correct diagnosis.  Then you can make the decision whether you want to take medication or pursue a natural course.

To learn more about the signs of depression, click here.

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