I have heard that dermastyle light therapy is great for getting rid of or reducing acne but does it really work?

Can Acne Be Helped With DermaStyle Light Therapy?  Yes it can.  Research has shown that dermastyle light therapy can have a positive effect on mild to moderate acne. Using eiher a red or blue light depending on the type of acne, positive results have been recorded.

What is Dermastyle Light Therapy?

Dermastyle light therapy is light therapies that deal primarily with skin conditions.  There has been some hype around using light therapy for acne and other skin conditions for awhile now.

The type of light (and color) depends on the stage of the acne.  For inflammatory acne (large red lumps) a blue light is used.  It kills bacteria P, the bacteria causing acne, reducing inflammation and helping the cells return to a more normal function.

Sometimes the light is pulsing and sometimes a continuous light, depending on what is needed.  A typical session in a clinic is twice a week for at least 5 weeks.

Handheld devices or masks can be purchased for home use and used for frequently.