How Much Does Light Therapy Cost?

That is like saying “how long is a piece of string”. There are many different types of light therapy and different brands, models and types of equipment that are just as varied as the conditions they treat.

Home light therapy lamps can be as little as $35 and can be as expensive as $490 with everything in between. It just depends on what condition you are wanting to treat and how severe it is.

What is Light Therapy?

Light therapy uses the healing powers of a range of light including infrared, red and blue light. It can also include 10,000 lux lamps which mimic sunlight. The wavelengths emitted by these lights increase circulation and can promote healing.

What Does Light Therapy Do?

As said before the wavelengths emitted increase circulation and can promote healing to injury sites and areas affected by chronic pain. Depending on the type of light therapy , here are just some of the effects it can have:

  • rapid relief of discomfort
  • regeneration of damaged tissues
  • improvement in mood
  • improvement in anxiety
  • better skin
  • better sleep
  • Improved muscle performance and mental clarity
  • Decreased swelling from injuries
  • Detoxifying effects
  • reverse sun damage
  • kills bacteria
  • increases collagen production
  • wound healing
  • scar reduction
  • increases lymphatic flow

Does Light Therapy Hurt?

Light therapy is a non-invasive, natural way of healing. It does not hurt and mostly feels comforting. With an infrared lamp, there is the possibility of burning your skin if the lamp is placed too close, but as long as you following the guidelines, there is no discomfort at all.

Can I use Light Therapy on my Animals?

I have seen many success stories of using a variety of light therapies on animals. Wound healing is one area where it can be extremely effective.

Will I get a suntan?

No. The lights that are used in light therapy are used to replicate sunlight at midday but without the UV emissions.

How Far Should I be Away From The Light Source?

For a 10,000 Lux lamp, industry recommendations are 16 – 18 inches away. This is where you will receive the most benefit. Please check your make and model though as some units have slightly different specs. Please follow the manufacturers recommendations.

Should I be Looking at the Light?

While it is important to keep your eyes open, you should not be staring directly into the light. For best results, have the lamp above you shining down on you.

Should I Have My Clothes on or Off?

Clothing can remain on. There is no need to remove them to get the full benefits of light therapy.

When is it Best to do Light Therapy?

The most benefit is achieved when it is done in the morning. This follows the natural circadian rhythm rather than trying to do it at night.

What is a 10,000 Lux Light Box?

A 10,000 lux light box is another name for a light therapy lamp that produces 10,000 lux. It is the measure of light that is used to equate it to natural sunlight and other types of light.

What is Lux and How Much Do I Need?

Lux is the measurement of light and it is usually recommended to use equipment with 10,000 lux for light therapy purposes.