Everyone suffers pain at one time or another, but if you have ever been the recipient of chronic, ongoing pain, you will know that it is exhausting!  Constant pain that just doesn’t go away, even with pain medication is a battle that many people face.  You may not even know if someone is in pain day in and day out but that has been my story for years.  Diagnosis after diagnosis, expensive and dangerous pain medications but still not the relief I was looking for.

That was until I found Anodyne Therapy.  As a bonus, it is totally natural.  I am not putting anything foreign into my body and the relief I experience when using it brings tears to my eyes.

I never thought that something as simple as these specialized heat pads could get me up and functional again.  Not just any heat pad, this therapy is able to be purchased and used at home.  While the initial outlay was not what I would call cheap, you certainly get what you pay for and the few hundred dollars I spent I would do many times over to finally get relief.

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