What an infrared light therapy can do to my body? A lot medical doctors are including alternative light therapy device treatment in development of visible red lights, magnetic field, infrared and super pulse laser. Infrared therapy is sometime called photo therapy, light therapy, LED therapy, or Pulse therapy. Researchers have found that light causes changes in the body’s hormonal balance. Light plays an effective functioning of the body.

Infrared light is a type of electronic radiation that has a wavelength that is longer than visible lights. It offers the same benefits as sunlight. It was discovered that the light penetrated into the skin was noted by the body and infrared light was able to penetrate deep into the body. The invisible light originated from the sun and is therefore natural and the body’s cells absorb the lights easily. This makes infrared light more effective at treating internal organs, tissues, and providing relief for internal muscle and nerve pain. Thermal light therapy is the safest, not painful and easiest alternative health treatment anyone can get if done right and produces amazing results. The deep penetrating heat and metabolic stimulation infrared treatment is used in humans as well as animals for treatment of chronic conditions like arthritis, preventing injuries and muscle soreness in human and animals. It can prevent injures when applied after hard exercise or workout.

Infrared therapy is used to treat wide variety of ailments. One of the common uses of this is the treatment for acne and pimples. The light is used to kill the bacteria beneath the skin and get rid of the source of acne. Treatment of chronic pain is another reason. By the placing the light on the area of the body that is in pain, such as the back, neck or shoulders, the pain is relieve. Although infrared light therapy can be very beneficial, but is not recommended for everyone; below are those that should avoid infrared therapy:

  • A person who has photo-sensitive skin should avoid this type of therapy. This can cause scarring and even burning sensation to the skin.
  • A person who has porphyria should avoid this therapy. It can be too intense and damage for the skin and making them less resistance to various materials.
  • Anyone who is sensitive to certain kinds of lights. The wavelength that infrared use is much especially higher than of other lights.

Other benefit of infrared therapy in the body includes increased circulation and faster flow. Using LED light therapy has not produces any major side effects, some possible minor side effects are anxiety and depression but can be easily avoided if you are properly treated.  Infrared light therapy can be useful but the best thing to do is to see that if it’s going to be safe and easy for the body to handle.