What is Bluewave Light Therapy?

There are so many different types of light therapy so how do you know which one is right for you?

What is Bluewave Light therapy? BLUEWAVE® Light therapy (not to be confused with blue light therapy) is usually used to referred to a therapy using Philips Golite Blu light lamps. These lamps use blue light waves to combat depression, SAD, fatigue and jetlag.

So What is BLUEWAVE® Light Therapy?

Years ago, the company Apollo Health created a bandwith technology they called BLUEWAVE® . They trademarked this new technology and claimed it was twice as good as white light therapy. This BLUEWAVE® technology was used for their light lamps (called Golite) and revolutionized the way light therapy was being done.

They developed this light therapy devices to so that it is much easier on your eyes and produces fewer side effects, is more effective and requires less time than traditional light therapy. And since it incorporates specific wavelength LEDs, it eliminates any concerns about UV hazard. These lamps were lightweight and portable, and used blue light instead of the traditional white light. In 2006, Apollo was acquired by Philips and the Golite energy lamps have been made by them ever since.

BLUEWAVE® light therapy is a brilliant advancement in the light therapy world where specific bandwidths of light can be isolated to be used for a therapeutic response.  BLUEWAVE® is a technology that allows the increase of effective bandwidths while reducing the overall intensity of light.  This results in patients being able to enjoy a more effective light treatment in the most comfortable way possible.

Why is BLUEWAVE® Light Therapy Used?

Everyone wants to have a happy and memorable holiday. Giving gifts and receiving one in return, watching fireworks, street lights and partying with your friends. But sad to say that SAD or winter blues makes this special time not as exciting as it used to be when you are a child. This feeling always gets you down and depressed during winter times.

BLU Energy Light Therapy Lamp

SAD is a medical condition caused by seasonal change on the amount of available sunlight. Millions of people suffer from this disorder between the months of September to April. In its milder forms, winter blues includes a lack of sleep, depression, listlessness and craving for sweets and starchy foods. It can get more intense when it includes problems in sleeping, change in appetite or weight loss, loss of memory, lack of concentration, severe depression and confusion. Usually a person can be diagnosed with SAD after three or more consecutive winter suffering with symptoms.

Color therapy also known as chromo therapy uses colors recognizing they have an effect on us, our well-being and our ways of dealing with life. It is a simple form of visible lights and electromagnetic energy. Researchers have found out that specific wavelengths of the blue color is the most efficient in helping reduce SAD symptoms.

BLUEWAVE® light therapy has been proven as an effective treatment for SAD or winter blues. Light therapy provides a natural boost that may help you feel better. It helps rebalance the body and brings the carcadian rhythms back into alignment. That is why it can also be used for jetlag.

Is BLUEWAVE® Light Therapy Effective?

Apollo Health and now Philips claim the Golite using BLUEWAVE® technology is twice as effective at managing our body clocks than any other sources of light. They claim you can get results within 15 minutes a day whereas bright light therapy requires 30 minutes every day. With the right wavelength of light, you can trigger your active hormones naturally and overcoming those down feelings.

With the creation of new technologies, researchers still admit that sunshine does create  powerful psychological effect on humans. Being in the heat of the sun, it reminds and associates people with wellness and energy. There’s still nothing that beats the natural light we get from our sun. But light boxes can lessen the negative affects when the sun is no longer out during winter.

This type of seasonal depression can be greatly helped with the use of BLUEWAVE® light lamps.  The use of these home devices substitutes for the natural sun in stimulating the pineal gland, which is housed behind the forehead, and regulates the production of seratonin and melatonin and sleep.  Our body’s natural circadian rhythm relies on the stimulation of this gland to regulate normal functions and when sunlight is deprived, some people suffer depression terribly.  This can be helped with the use of BLUEWAVE® technology through the Golite light lamps.

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